Voice in the Darkness

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This album is a collection of songs written over several years. They are songs of faith and struggle, hope and doubt. They are a celebration of the incarnate God, a God who does not leave us in our despair, but constantly reaches out, enters into our broken world, and encourages us to wrestle with Him.

Track List:
1. Voice in the Darkness
2. Immanuel
3. I Rest in You
4. Crown Him With Many Crowns
5. Hold Me
6. The Bride


Word Like Fire Volume 1

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Features new recordings and remixes of the earliest Word Like Fire songs:

1. Lift Up My Eyes
2. Promise of Heaven
3. Love Divine
4. Fountain of Grace
5. Take My Life
6. Born in Light
7. Witness
8. Father, Forgive Them
9. Caution to the Wind
10. Of the Father’s Love Begotten
11. Most Holy
12. How Long (Psalm 13)
13. O Beautiful Mystery


Word Like Fire Volume 2 

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New recordings and remixes of later Word Like Fire songs:

1. You Are My Joy
2. Mighty Lord on High
3. Your Child
4. A Mighty Fortress is Our God
5. Holy Spirit, Cleansing Fire
6. Tree of Life
7. New Day
8. Our God Raised the Dead
9. O Word of God Incarnate
10. We Will Trust the Lord
11. Grow Me
12. Kyrie
13. Kingdom Come
14. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty