Video of The Bride

I’ve got a video up on YouTube of a live performance of “The Bride.”  Share it with your friends!

Guitar and vocals: Joel Hinck
Backing vocals: Liz Bejot
Piano: Adam Swecker
Bass: Justin Griepentrog
Drums: Michael WilliamsRead More

The Sacrifice of Communion

Ritual sacrifice was central to most early religions.  It took different forms, but it seems that from the beginning humans felt an impulse to appease the gods with burnt offerings and blood.  It is interesting that the first recording of sacrifice in the Bible (Genesis 4) was not prompted by a divine command (that we know of).  It is also interesting that, in this very first episode of sacrifice, the distinction between self-righteous religious activity and righteous living appears.  After rejecting Cain’s sacrifice, God tells him, “Why is your face downcast?  If you do what is right, will you not be accepted (vs 6-7)?”Read More

Why “Jesus is My King” Might be a Bad Thing

We say it, we sing it, and we mostly even mean it, but what we mean when we say “Jesus is king” might not be healthy.  The idea of royalty in modern society has little in common with the meaning of kingship in the ancient world.  We have kings that symbolize pomp and grandeur, we have a “King of Rock and Roll”  and a “King of Pop.”Read More

Now Streaming on Pandora!

I’m exited to let you all know that my album Voice in the Darkness is now streaming on Pandora.  If you already use Pandora, you can make a “Joel Hinck” station.  If not, just go to and type “Joel Hinck” into the space that says “Enter artist, genre, or composer to create a station.”Read More