Now Streaming on Pandora!

I’m exited to let you all know that my album Voice in the Darkness is now streaming on Pandora.  If you already use Pandora, you can make a “Joel Hinck” station.  If not, just go to and type “Joel Hinck” into the space that says “Enter artist, genre, or composer to create a station.”Read More

Spiritual Glasses

We’re used to things going wrong with our bodies.  We accept that our natural senses can be warped and need correcting.  Has anyone, when they’re prescribed glasses, ever argued that they don’t need them at all- that the way they see things (blurry) is the way things actually are, and everyone else is seeing a warped, wrong, distorted view of the universe?  Of course not.  We know that a tree looks a certain way to optimal human vision, and are ready to admit that we may not be able to experience that “real tree” sight without some help (glasses).Read More

Worship on the Front Lines

Worship leading is generally viewed as a safe occupation.  We don’t fear torture or imprisonment.  We’re not facing down cannibalistic tribes or hungry lions.  We may encounter a surly drummer, a barbed critique, or a battle over where our equipment is stored, but nothing life threatening.  There are days when our music feels monumentally important, when the sound filling the room cuts right through our souls, the congregation is pouring out praise to God, and everything feels right.  Then there are days when our music feels like a trifle, an imperfect, inadequate response to the overwhelming darkness in the world.  As the guitar player seems to get more out of tune with each strumRead More