Podcast Episode 33: The Bride

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Hear the story behind the song “The Bride.” You can also see a video of a live performance here.

The bride was all dressed in white
As she nervously pulled at her gown
She knew this was the day for which she’d been made
And she wrestled the butterflies down
And she was humming an old, old song
That went

How I love you, how I love you, how I love you
I saw you and chose you and called you and hold you
And your name is engraved on my heart

As she waited to join her groom
A quiet knock came at her door
And a stranger with eyes that looked like a disguise
Asked her “what are you waiting here for?”

So she said “Soon my love will come, and we’ll join in the marriage feast”
But the stranger said “Meanwhile the whole earth’s a banquet,
Won’t you come and just taste it with me?
Just for a little while be free.”

Now the groom in the empty room
Slowly took off his fine clothes
And he set out to see where his bride went to be
With a broken heart walking the roads
And he was singing an old, old song
He sang


So the bride and the stranger dined
And it was thrilling and sick’ning and sweet
As her appetites grew the stranger withdrew
With a smile and a kiss on her cheek

Then she wandered the earth in search
Of a passion to replace her love
And her spirit was used and her body abused
And her beauty was broken and crushed

The groom found her in the cold
At sunset, near dead on the ground
She was blinded by fear and her own frozen tears
And her gown was a rag and a shroud
And he was weeping an old, old song
He cried


As the groom gently took her hand
She recoiled and cursed him and raged
With a stone in her fist and a furious bliss
She beat him with all of her strength

And the groom didn’t lift a hand
But he let his blood cover his bride
The warmth opened her eyes and she saw him and cried
With a whisper, he kissed her and died
And she remembered the old, old song
That went


As the dawn broke upon the scene
Of the lovers left dying and dead
A new breath filled the lungs of the groom, and he sprung
From the ground, a new gown in his hands

“Oh the grave could not hold me in
For nothing, not death and not hate
Could keep me away from the bride that I gave
Everything that I have to embrace”

And the bride was ashamed and scared
But the groom, smiling, lifted her up
And he washed her and fed her and clothed her and said
“Will you come back, my bride and my love?”
And in her joy she was overcome
And her words all felt clumsy and wrong
And then out burst the old, old song
They sang

Scripture References: Ezekiel 16;  Hosea;  Matthew 9:15; 2 Corinthians 11:2 

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